Day: October 12, 2014

Ep024: Minot (Matt Solberg, Shannon Corr, Ben Thorne)Ep024: Minot (Matt Solberg, Shannon Corr, Ben Thorne)

Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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The mighty men of Minot drop by the Radio Valencia studios, and we talk to Matt, Shannon and Ben about samples and politics, their upcoming tour abroad in Europe, their brand new record and… 311?
Yeah, 311.
Check it out!

08:00am Ozark Bowtie by Tilts from Tilts

8:07am Raise Our Fists Up by Minutes from Roland
8:10am Allostatic Load by Minot from Equal/Opposite

Talking with Minot, being bicoastal, etc. Arriving at their “fully realized” voice. Samples and politics. Overt vs. covert.

8:35am: The Left Hand of Darkness by Minot from Equal/Opposite

writing songs in studio, Treefort, touring, etc. Mynoch/Mnot… North Dakota or Maine?

9:02am: White Castle Doctrine by Minot from Equal/Opposite
9:08am: Prescriptions by Future of the Left from Human Death

Call from Torrey Neutron, ripping the power out of the wall. Travelling, terrorism, being prepared to discuss foreign policy, the mylene sheath, axons. Any reason to use the word sheath.

09:30am Tharsis by Minot from Equal/Opposite

A surprising amount of talk about the band 311, Ben Thorne’s encyclopedic knowledge of band lineups. Scott Stapp Marlins song.

09:52am The End of Radio by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound