Day: April 24, 2024

Ep386: Danbert Nobacon (Chumbawama, Solo, Axis of Dissent)Ep386: Danbert Nobacon (Chumbawama, Solo, Axis of Dissent)

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Danbert is a anarcho-punk icon that cofounded Anarchist collective punk group Chumbawamba in 1982, yes that’s right the one with the “I get knocked down, but I get up again” song. All about the origin and the journey of “the song” that changed the band’s world for quite some time. Split release with Noam Chomsky, dumping water on hypocrite politicians and his newest record Kochtopus’s Garden – Now That’s What I Call Capitalism – The Musical. A very direct political record about two song-bots that escape their confines and flee across America all while “Dark Money Anon,” the entity that has taken control of the States, tries to hunt them down. Punk, folk, reggae and while slashing at capitalism, militarism, authorism, sexism, racism and all the various isms. All this from the guy who fronted the band that released “Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records” “Never Mind the Ballots” and many other cheeky, too-smart irascible and funny records. And took ad money to give it explicitly to anti-corporate groups.