Day: February 27, 2023

Ep323: Russell Simins (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, S-E-R-V-I-C-E, Crunt)Ep323: Russell Simins (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, S-E-R-V-I-C-E, Crunt)


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DANG! it’s the drum man for the BLUUUUUUES EXPLOOOOOSSSION. Who also happens to be half of the creative braintrust of the mighty SERVICE (Whose: DRAG ME was named best record of 2022 by this show!). A detailed history of JSBX, album by album… starting from the very beginning. R.L. Burnside! Playing with Tom Waits. Butter 08, production, JUST FRED, Pranking Weird Al with Yoko Ono. And of course the origin story of S-E-R-V-I-C-E one of the best rock bands on the planet. You want in-depth? You got it… punk!