Day: February 21, 2021

Ep231: Mike Hard (God Bullies, Thrall, They Never Sleep)Ep231: Mike Hard (God Bullies, Thrall, They Never Sleep)

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God Bullies: legend to some and nearly unknown to others. A unpredictable and engaging rock band whose besuited frontman, Mike, seemed to be coming apart from the inside. Here we talk about conspiracies, building stories around the music (Tommy Shannon, David Livingstone, etc.), and crafting lyrics to weave tales through the madness. The FULL story behind “Pretty on the Inside” on Kill the King, some assorted vignettes of the God Bullies catalog, Some Thrall talk, and They Never Sleep, revisiting old material while not looking too far back to the past. All of this along with the pranksterism of one Ron Asheton on the set of Mosquito, and so much more. It is Mike Hard! REJOICE.