Day: April 6, 2015

Protonic Reversal – Ep048: Back to the BayProtonic Reversal – Ep048: Back to the Bay

Ep48: Back to the Bay

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Brenna and Conan return to SF. There’s a Live from the Barrage appearance wrap up. Including Conan’s contentious history with the show. Calls from Massimo of Sardinia and Tommy Rockstar of LFTB. The Brenna on PR Origin Story, playing roles and so much more. Oh yes, good tunes too.

8:00am: Casually Intense by Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends
8:04am: Born Ready by Love Moon

8:20am: Little Fear Of Drowning by Freeway Park
8:39am: See Me through by Tony Molina
8:41am: Contagious by Happy Fangs
8:43am: Taekwondo by Mother Fucker

9:02am: Under this Crimson Sky by Cofrontational
9:06am: Civilized Worm by Melvins from A Senile Animal
9:39am: Easy on the Heart by Risk Reward
9:43am: Demons Stuck In Your Eye by Le Butcherettes

9:45am: Blank Screen by Dead Rider
9:51am: The End of Radio (Closing Theme) by Shellac