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  • Ep012: The Neutron and Gritzy Show: The Final Solution of Fun!


    (stream and download – Episode 12 )

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    Neutron and Gritzy! 2/3 of You Can’t Stop The Signal head into the Radio Valencia studio in THE METAL ASYLUM’S SLOT and proceed to play a bunch of… not metal. It’s the FINAL SOLUTION OF FUN!

    00:00:00 Minutes – Raise Our Fists Up (Neutron and Gritzy Show Theme)

    The Final Solution of Fun!

    00:03:42 Deathfix – Better Than Bad
    00:08:05 Bonnie & the Bang Bang – Car Crash

    00:12:24 on aruging on the internet about Tom Waits instead of taking a shower…Slouch Hats

    00:15:40 Dead Rider – Of One Thousand
    00:18:35 B. Hamilton – Stupid As the Sun

    00:23:27 (the annoying sound stops), Protonic Reversal Dead Rider… TV on the Radio Shreds,

    creating the impression that there are women around. Once and Future band

    00:31:29 Call from Brenna Betts aka: DJ Real Time Drop. Catamarans, fickle metal fans and wet

    blankets, Midyett rub, 4th of July crime spree, Burger Boogaloo and some art show. “working

    every day ever for the last few weeks”, real time drops over DJ Real Time Drop

    00:43:07 Once and Future Band – Brain
    00:51:49 Love – Always See Your Face

    00:55:06 Internal thought process on the inside of radio, “What song should Ryan Christopher

    Parks cover?”

    Tony! Tone! Toni! – If I had No Loot
    Scatman John – Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)
    Mike and the Mechanics – the Living Years

    01:08:00 Melvins – Civilized Worm
    01:13:44 Federation X – So Tired

    01:18:07 Morris Day, throwing the question to the audience, rubbins’ and food pics, food pics

    with music gear.

    Genesis – I can’t Dance

    01:25:47 Call from Carlin Reed, eating fried chicken in a pool and shooting off fireworks at

    the SAME TIME

    Accept – Up To the Limit

    Jawbox – Cornflake Girl

    Bee-bop-bop-A-O-L, more Dead Rider talk.

    01:35:27 Sleater-Kinney – Get Up
    01:39:07 Motherfucker – Dot Dot Dot
    01:41:56 Helms Alee – Shhmna

    01:45:29 the roar of Ben Verellen, Old yeller, Dot Dot Dot = radar love?!, Deliverance
    Billy squier – the Stroke
    Loverboy – Loving Every Minute of It

    Stroked out to the Stroke.
    William S. Squier Esq.

    Billy Squier – My Kind of Lover
    Backsellin’ and backfillin’

    01:54:50 Happy Fangs – That Activity
    01:58:51 Billy Bragg – Accident Waiting To Happen…

  • Ep011: Erica Strout (Motherfucker), Ryan Werner (Passenger Side Books/The Internet)

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 11)

    Back in the Radio Valencia studios! Erica Strout from Motherfucker, Ryan Werner of… many things, calls from Austin Pitts and Chris Casuga, music for days, all this and the kind of A+++ music you have come to expect from Protonic Reversal.

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
    00:04:43 Gang of Four – Natural’s Not In It
    00:07:52 Federation X – Anna Mist

    00:11:27 Protonic Reversal is back in the Radio Valencia studios. Mission bingo, Dead Rider walkup.

    00:13:58 Dead Rider – Weaves
    00:16:13 Minutes – Float and Breathe
    00:19:01 The Cell Phones – Get You Alone

    00:21:54 more Minutes, less Mollie Hatchet
    00:25:18 Mike Noto Conan Neutron origin story/station ID

    00:27:25 Call from Austin Pitts from Hurry Up Shotgun, fall in Wuv once again.

    00:31:19 Call from Erica Stroutocaster from Athens band Motherfucker. Broken amps that become less less broken, bringing MF’er west, origin story of one of the most unfriendly names to radio ever, touring and Eureka, CA, having two members named Eric(k)a living in Athens

    00:50:02 Motherfucker – Taw Kwon Do

    00:57:14 Conan will bring Motherfucker to the West Coast, Oh yes!

    00:58:21 Call from Chris Casuga of Feeling Gravity’s Pull, band life cycles and “hitting the wall”, Neutron gives some band advice, FGP drummer joins Kind of Like Spitting, last shows and band closure

    01:10:45 Feeling Gravity’s Pull – Stress Test

    01:14:45 Where is Dj Real time drop? promo for the Neutron and Gritzy one off show, Ryan Werner walkup.

    01:17:28 The Bismarck – 0.079
    01:22:20 The Gary – Fair Weatherer

    01:25:06 Talk up

    01:27:37 Tilts – Touchdowns

    01:31:00 Phone call with Ryan Werner of Passenger Side Books, Young Indian, Legal Fingers and more, on the heartbreak of the indie book tour, Billy Bisig, schlubes, on drinking (and not drinking), writing, Basing things based on appearances. Presentation vs. content, What Would Ike do? Coaxial Flutter , “Handsome Dave Two Pillow story”

    01:50:58 Young Indian – I Don’t Understand Why You Have Two and I Have Two
    Shellac – The End of Radio
    01:56:00 Shellac – End of Radio (closing theme)

  • Ep010: Jeff Moody (Stripwax, FoWlMouTh)

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 10)

    Remote broadcast from the heart of the midwest, Conan talks to national treasure Jeff Moody about rock ‘n roll themed 4 panel comic strips, music, starting a a band as an “old MF-er” the pain of losing a bandmate and all things awesome. This, PRF BBQ Chicago wrap up and lots more great music.

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
    00:05:30 Dead Rider – Weird Summer
    00:09:42 Like LIke The The The Death – Night of a Hundred Hondos
    00:12:02 Minutes – Raise Our Fists Up
    00:14:14 Nonagon – Vikings

    00:21:39 SEMINARS – Sweat Feels Like Blood
    00:25:04 Hurry Up Shotgun – Garbage Destinations

    00:32:20 We Ride On – Plastic Vampire Teeth
    00:34:01 Death – Rock-N-Roll Victim
    00:36:39 Motherfucker – Snot Rocket

    00:39:27 Jeff Moody interview

    01:31:57 FoWlMoUth – Wannadon’t
    01:34:39 rutabega – Out Of The Woods And Into The Light
    01:42:05 Happy Fangs – The Truth
    01:44:46 The Bismarck – Breadwinner
    Shellac – The End of Radio (closing theme)…

  • Ep009: More rock, less talk. PRF BBQ Chicago playlist

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 9)

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Protonic Reversal Theme)
    00:04:00 Dead Rider – Weird Summer
    00:08:01 Tilts – Kobra Kommander

    00:12:30 Roomrunner – Bait Car
    00:16:22 The Cell Phones – Heavy Flow

    00:21:25 fugazi -long division / Runaway return
    00:27:33 Turbo Lightning – Faster Than Light

    00:33:02 Rutabega – Turn On the Summer

    00:47:01 Whales – Seafaring
    00:52:24 Porch – Your hair

    01:00:04 King Buzzo – Rough Democracy
    01:02:34 Minutes – In Your Own Fuel
    01:05:47 Future of the Left – Failed Olympic Bid

    01:10:15 Risk/Reward – Killer
    01:13:04 SEMINARS – Easy ‘Cause It Is
    01:17:09 SCreaming Females – It All Means Nothing

    01:22:45 Hum – If You Are to Bloom
    01:27:47 DEVO – What We Do
    01:31:01 Federation X – Reign On

    01:36:41 Deathfix – Better Than Bad
    01:40:56 Marnie Stern – Nothing is Easy
    01:44:37 Minutemen – This Ain’t No Picnic
    01:45:58 Hot Snakes – Braintrust

    01:50:30 Shellac – End of Radio…

  • Ep008: Robert Kassees (Repeat After Me/Red Light Fever)

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 8)

    Robert from Repeat After Me and Red Light Fever comes by, talks crayons and high grade vinyl and the abject immediacy of writing, arranging and recording songs with complete strangers. All this, free tattoos on Friday the 13th? and more! More T’s for extra hotttness….

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (opening theme)
    00:04:10 Repeat After Me – The Volcano

    00:08:35 Interview with Robert Kassees of Repeat After Me
    New record “Mapmaker”, Crayon themed album covers, post mortem vinyl releases

    00:13:37 Repeat After Me – San Francisco

    00:18:36 Robert Kassees interview part 2
    Thoughts in leaving San Francisco, the recording process, Chicago (the band, not the city), weird Gwar Tangent, Cheap Trick, classic rock, etc.

    (Gwar – Carry On My Wayward Son as music bed)

    00:35:42 Tilts – Titanium Falcon
    00:39:21 Red Light Fever – You Wouldn’t Say Goodbye

    00:42:51 Robert Kassees interview part 3:
    Red Light Fever! Writing, arranging and recording a song in a single day with a pick up band of people that don’t know each other. The Red Light Fever project and how it fits into modern times, and what RLF actually is.

    01:00:47 Red Light Fever – Illinois
    01:04:14 Turbo Lightning – Oh Oh Oblivion!

    01:06:48 How great were Happy Fangs? How lame is waking up early. Big Wheels race, “only in San Francisco”

    01:19:23 Primes – Tetragrammatron
    01:21:54 Tilts – Thomas Jefferson II

    01:24:43 Science and Cosmos (the show ending), tattoos and do you get free tattoos on Friday the 13th?

    01:33:50 Happy Fangs – That Activity
    01:36:40 mclusky – To Hell With Good Intentions

    01:39:05 Why Conan was completely wrong about mclusky and it made him stop reviewing records. More about Happy Fangs (DEAL WITH IT! NBD), The RV benefit

    01:45:10 fugazi – Five Corporations
    01:47:35 Minutes – Raise Our Fists Up

    01:49:46 Protonic Reversal close, PRF BBQ Chicago, Conan is going to Chicago (the place, not the band)

    01:52:00 Shellac – The End Of Radio (closing theme)…

  • Ep007: Rebecca Gone Bad & Michael Cobra (Happy Fangs)

    Rebecca and Michael from Happy Fangs stop by the studio to talk. Brenna Betts sits in as cohost and hilarity and mirth ensue.
    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 7)

    00:00:00 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Protonic Reversal Theme)
    00:04:05 Happy Fangs – The Truth

    00:06:44 Happy Fangs interview part 1

    The third fang, noted sexist Conan Neutron, Greatness, graveness, Grape ape, RV benefit, Battlestar Galactica, Million Dollar Baby. DJ Scratchatory rape and other “badass’ dj names

    00:18:04 Happy Fangs – Perk Up
    00:20:51 Hurry Up Shotgun – Abracadabraham Lincoln

    00:26:31 Happy Fangs interview part 2
    00:26:56 Call from Austin Pitts of Hurry Up Shotgun
    in-ter-ven-tion INTER-VEN-TION! On “instasongs” and “sex and food… and heroin”, rap battle /reward
    00:37:03 Happy Fangs – Hiya Kaw Kaw

    00:40:45 Happy Fangs interview part 3
    Happy Fangs tour, DJ Other Male In the Room, Pittsburgh vs. Pittsburg, Bovine Sex Club, going international…

    00:50:01 Happy Fangs – That Activity

    00:52:52 Happy Fangs interview part 4
    DJ Ray of sexism. DJ names for Brenna, DJ Real Time Drop, Jeff Goldblum and the Jeff Goldblumangroup, Courage rock, “Nickel back”, “hick hop” “Big smo” the Scatman…
    HF tour. Social media mongering…
    01:08:07 Happy Fangs – Lion Inside You
    01:11:08 B. Hamilton – EVerything I own is Broken
    Brenna’s coworkers listen to the Seinfeld theme song at work.

    01:19:37 Dead Rider – Blank S©reen
    01:24:01 Night Marchers – All Hits

    01:27:09 On the band The Night Marchers… Dead Rider as a “more evil TV on the Radio” and underwhelming bands.

    01:34:53 Risk/Reward – B Side
    01:37:45 Body Futures – Save the Clock Tower

    01:43:03 Red Fang show recap, on show hopping, Their / They’re / There the band and Creative Adult

    01:50:24 fugazi – Great Cop
    01:52:15 Shellac – End of Radio (Closing Theme)

    Happy Fangs US tour 2014

  • Ep006: Bryan Giles (Red Fang)/Melissa Dale Neal (Dark Beach)

    Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal

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    (stream and download – Episode 6)

    Neutron is completely exhausted from rock ‘n roll double header the night before. So he wanders around more than usual and laughs at nothing quite a bit more. Also he talks to the talented Melissa Dale Neal of Dark Beach and Bryan Giles the guitarist for Red Fang.

    00:00:15 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
    Protonic Reversal opening – mission bingo

    00:06:06 Federation X – So Tired
    00:10:29 the rutabaga – The Shaman
    Conan saw the final Griddle show and the Songs for Snakes release the night before the show and is very tired because of it.

    00:16:07 The Columbines – Nightstick
    00:19:05 Primes – Valentine Heart Explosion

    Radio Valencia benefit, Conan is “a little disappointed in social media”, “serving posts”
    00:27:11 Fred Schneider – Bulldozer

    00:31:14 Phone call from Michael Cobra of Happy Fangs, the radio valencia benefit show, custom songs, and adding a “third” fang and Mr. Boombastic.

    00:36:22 Happy Fangs – The Truth
    Interview with Melissa Neal impresario of 9th floor radio and half of excellent bay area band Dark Beach. Simple names. On keeping a campy image, while not being cheese ball. Also neutron rambles on about something.
    00:48:33 Dark Beach – Scream Queen
    00:51:14 Dark Beach UFO

    Back with Melissa Neal, the “show hierarchy” of important events. 9th floor radio and the east bay punk documentary. Why the term “videographer” sucks.

    01:04:28 Dark Beach – Persephone
    01:09:09 Last piece with Melissa Neal, local shows, etc.,

    01:16:04 Hot Snakes – Automatic Midnight
    01:17:35 Red Fang – Wires

    Interview with Bryan Giles of Red Fang, on van murals/cop magnets, the “situation awesome” tour, cooking bandmates in an econoline, touring with Rick Froberg in Last of the Juanitas, and seeing Drive Like Jehu at a formative age. Vans vs. busses, breaking even. The making of the Wires video with Whitey McConnaughy

    01:38:17 Red Fang – Prehistoric Dog
    Last piece of Bryan Giles tour, Federation X t-shirts, American Sharks and Red Fang Hot Sauce. Amazing!

    01:49:33 Red Fang – Blood Like Cream
    01:53:00 Shellac – The End of Radio (show close)…

  • Ep005: Bradley R. Weissenberger (The Book-Burners, .22)

    Protonic Reversal

    Conan talks with the prolific Bradley R. Weissenberger from the Book-Burners and rock band .22 about compiling the .22 anthology, songwriting, process, the Silkworm documentary, all things PRF, and lots more. All that and more great tunes than you can shake a stick at. Cool!

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    (stream and download – Episode 5)

    00:00:15 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme)
    Protonic Reversal opening

    00:04:58 Marnie Stern – You Don’t Turn Down
    00:07:59 The rutabaga – Come Back Big Brother

    The Mission as a game of Paperboy, St. Vincent on SNL

    00:16:11 St. Vincent – Birth in Reverse (Live on SNL)
    Conan discusses the “Controversy” and then plays music.

    00:22:23 Happy Fangs – Lion Inside You
    00:25:20 Survival Knife – Fell Runner

    Survival knife show round up, Ben Abraham graduation party, Radio Valencia benefit reminder.
    00:32:33 Hurry Up Shotgun – Ghost Of Ursula
    00:35:57 Body Futures – A Complete Divorce

    more Cosmos, Conan Degrasse Tyson

    00:43:37 B. Hamilton – Stupid As the Sun
    00:50:01 The Loyalists – Gorilla With a Hardon

    00:55:03 Minutes – Stolen Wallet
    00:56:35 .22 – “Are You Still There, Cherie?”
    01:00:54 Bradley R. Weissenberger interview, on the Dead Friends anthology, playing a first show the day they found Kurt Cobain’s body, pouring through the archives of the roaring 90s and more.

    01:07:35 .22 – Spyrock
    01:10:52 The Book-Burners – Come Home
    01:14:26 back to Bradley R. Weissenberger, on People’s Songs, agitprop, the Silkworm Documentary…. the origin of the Book-Burners and the process of begin a band with people living so far away.

    01:25:51 The Book-Burners – Fireman
    01:27:07 Last BRW segment, the PRF BBQ On songwriting and process, songwriting as therapy, the band R.E.M., early and latter days. The story behind “You Won’t Hold My Hand When I Die.”
    01:45:36 The Book-Burners – “You Won’t Hold My Hand When I Die.”
    01:47:45 Bottomless Pit – Fleece

    01:53:30 Shellac – The End of Radio (Closing Theme)…

  • Ep004: Andrew Falkous (Future of the Left, Mclusky), Bill Taylor (Songs For Snakes)

    Protonic Reversal

    Falco from Future of the Left/Mclusky joins Neutron from across the pond to speak about middle class bands, scimitars and to debut a Tremendous Fence song. Later, SF noisepop rocker Bill Taylor comes in to speak about his band’s new record “Year of the Snake”. All this, and the rock solid tunes that you have come to expect with the Protonic Reversal.

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    (stream and download – Episode 4)

    00:05:03 Body Futures – (That’s a) Big Smile (For Somebody About To Drown)*
    00:09:22 Dead Rider – Of One Thousand
    00:14:56 Turbo Lightning – Perfect Swell
    00:18:28 mclusky – Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
    00:21:27 Future of the Left – Donny of the Decks

    00:24:20 Andrew Falkous (Falco) interview.
    Middle class band finances. Being thankful to not be Muse.

    00:33:20 Future of the Left – Sheena is a T-Shirt Salesman
    00:35:21 Andrew Falkous (Falco) interview Part II.

    J. Mascis as singer of the Crash Test Dummies and other cruel tricks for dear friends. Lenny Kravitz as a founding member of fugazi. The debut of Tremendous Fence. Band names.
    Controlled arguments (without Scimitars)

    00:57:57 Tremendous Fence – Christian Fitness*
    01:00:34 Future of the Left – I Don’t Know What You Ketamine (But I Think I Love You)

    01:03:27 Interview with Bill Taylor from Songs for Snakes
    on Rocket From the Crypt how a song for a snake became a band, May 28th 2014 record release show at Bottom of the Hill.

    01:10:34 Songs for Snakes – Trust Falls
    01:14:03 Songs for Snakes – I Felt 13
    01:17:11 Interview with Bill Taylor from Songs for Snakes part 2
    Peppercorn begat Shoehouse which begat Songs for Snakes
    being told to like bands… Bob Mould and more. Losing perspective on recording

    01:26:35 Songs for Snakes – She Is Not Impressed
    01:29:30 Songs for Snakes – F.E.A.R.

    Fuck Everything and Run, False Expectations Appearing Real
    Bill’s take on the current SF Music scene. Gargling kitty litter vocals, and the story behind Bill the Grill: Trained classical Shelf.

    01:40:27 Hurry Up Shotgun – Witches in the Garden
    01:43:41 Cables and Arms – November Gales
    01:46:49 Interview with Bill Taylor from Songs for Snakes part 3

    Closing out. Stalking Bob Mould at Safeway.
    Bill Taylor don’t tweet.

    01:52:00 Shellac – The End of Radio (show close)…

  • Ep003: Andrew Elstner (Torche, Tilts)

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    (stream and download – Episode 3)

    Neutron is back in the studio on his own, and talks with professional cool guy Andrew from Torche/Tilts… plays a bunch of music and takes about a million calls.

    0:00:29 Hurry Up Shotgun – What To Do When Your Unemployment Check Bounces?
    0:06:05 Tilts – Ozark Bowtie (Protonic Reversal Theme)

    0:10:41 Sister Grizzly – Azaleas
    0:15:24 Happy Fangs – Hiya Kaw Kaw

    0:21:11 Chris Frey of Porch calls in / PRF BBQ West Roundup
    0:39:02 Jawbox – Mirrorful

    0:42:43 Chris Casuga of Feeling Gravity’s Pull talks about being named after an R.E.M. song, more PRF BBQ, etc.

    0:51:39 Tilts – Give Me Some Of Your Loving
    0:55:52 Andrew Elstner of Torche/Tilts, Tilts tour dates, crowdsourcing the pre-orders for the second record Cuatro Hombres, TV talk (Game of Thrones, Cosmos, Hannibal, Sherlock), ZZ Top and other classic rock, I suggest he call the record “I kinda know the sound man for Rob Zombie.”

    01:15:06 Tilts – Touchdowns
    01:19:28 Feeling Gravity’s Pull – Have I Mentioned…

    01:24:00 call from Conan’s Dad

    01:27:46 Survival Knife – Divine Mob
    01:31:29 The Bismarck – Max Baer

    01:35:20 Flaming Lips: Wayne vs. Kliph
    01:38:29 Call from Conan’s Evil Dad
    01:40:09 Call from Conan’s real dad again.

    01:40:33 Like LIke The The The Death – Cropsies
    01:43:49 Whores. – Jumping Someone Else’s Train

    01:51:01 Shellac – The End of Radio…

  • Ep002: PRF BBQ Extravaganza! Ben Abraham!, Tommy Dski!, Chris Frey!, Austin Pitts!, Shannon Corr!

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    (stream and download – Episode 2)

    PRF BBQ West 2014

    5 guests! All PRF BBQ related ( all very intelligent, Conan is late for his own show and is generally cranky about it the entire time. Great tunes are played, trash is talked, good times are had.

    Protonic Reversal Theme:
    Ozark Bowtie by Tilts
    4:43 – Hurry Up Shotgun – Dances With Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
    14:08 The GaryFair Weatherer
    16:52 PorchBow to the Clown

    32:04 GeneralissimoThird Way Man
    34:12 Thoughts Detecting MachinesGoing Home

    41:17 Call from John Houlihan of Live From the Barrage – “Boobs and Dragons”
    54:33 Call from Torrey Neutron (Conan’s Dad, who he hangs up on)

    56:36 Turbo LightningFaster Than Lightning
    1:00:01 Nonagonthe Pfister

    01:13:27 Roland – Is This Tyrese Gibson?
    01:24:43 Kowloon Walled CityTurk, Taylor and Jones

    Protonic Reversal End Theme: Shellac – End of Radio

    Also, check out these sharp pictures by one Mr. Shannon Corr!…

  • Ep001: the Maiden Voyage! Chris Frey of Porch in studio, Call from Austin Pitts of Hurry Up Shotgun

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    (stream and download – Episode 1)

    Conan Neutron stumbles half awake into the Radio Valencia studios and manages to do a radio show. Who allowed this?!?
    He amuses himself with the Game of Thrones and Cosmos theme songs and plays a bunch of music that he likes. He tries to not say “folks” and mostly fails.
    Protonic Reversal Theme:
    Ozark Bowtie by Tilts

    8:10am: Keep On Knockin’ by Death from …For The World To See
    8:14am: Level Me Out by Thoughts Detecting Machines from An Introduction To

    8:24am: I Don”t Mind It by Screaming Females from Castle Talk
    8:27am: Name That Tune by Survival Knife from “Traces of Me” b/w “Name That Tune”

    Call from Austin Pitts of Hurry Up Shotgun

    8:41am: Speedbath Megawaste by Hurry Up Shotgun from Abracadabraham Lincoln
    8:44am: That Activity by Happy Fangs from Happy Fangs ep

    8:52am: West Coast by The Cell Phones from Get You Alone
    8:54am: Northern California by Police Teeth from Real Size Monster Series

    9:01am: Vaporize by Roomrunner from Ideal Cities
    9:04am: F.E.A.R. by Songs for Snakes from Charcoal Heather

    9:15am: Outside a Hexagram by B. Hamilton from Everything I Own Is Broken
    9:17am: Super Ultra Mega by Tilts from Tilts

    9:26am: The Shaman by The Rutabega from Brother, The Lights Don”t Work

    9:36am: Dickhead by Porch from Walking Boss

    Chris Frey live in studio.

    9:45am: Raise Our Fists Up by Minutes from Roland

    Closing Theme:

    9:55am: The End of Radio by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound…

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Ep312: Paul Roessler (The Screamers, 45 Grave, Nervous Gender, Nina Hagen, Twisted Roots, Solo, Producer) #podcast #protonicreversal

Ep311: John Schmersal (Brainiac, Enon, Vertical Scratchers, Crooks on Tape) via @ProtonicPod #brainiac #protonicreversal #podcast some BREAKING NEWS in this one.

Ep311: John Schmersal (Brainiac, Enon, Vertical Scratchers, Crooks on Tape) via @ProtonicPod including BREAKING BRAINIAC NEWS! #brainiac #podcast #protonicreversal Neutron’s Protonic Reveninicreversal rsal

Ep310: Nick Sakes (Upright Forms, Colossamite, Dazzling Killmen, Sicbay) via @ProtonicPod #podcast #protonicreversal @SKiNGRAFT_Rex #uprightforms #dazzlingkillmen

Ep310: Nick Sakes (Upright Forms, Colossamite, Dazzling Killmen, Sicbay) via @ProtonicPod #podcast #protonicreversal @DisciplinePR #nicksakes @SKiNGRAFT_Rex

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