Ep224: Chris Summerlin and Joe Thompson (Hey Colossus)

Protonic Reversal Podcast

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Wot wot? It’s two of the fine fellows of Hey Colossus, Chris Summerlin and Joe Thompson. Dance/Curses, their THIRTEENTH record, is one of Conan’s favorites of 2020 and so a TransAtlantic quarantimes Protonic Reversal is the order of the day. THRILL to the sounds of every single song on this epic album gone over in forensic detail, DRINK every time Joe claims they won’t be playing one live, or you know… don’t. Fascinating record and band, lots of fun details and process, DIY, etc. Also, some needless (or NEEDED?) digressions into Soundgarden and mumble rap (?!?). Peace and love! Peace and love!

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Holy crap! @conanneutron interviewing Stu Spasm on @ProtonicPod is fucking great. I used to own Plays the Devils Music on vinyl in the '90s. Just awesome.

Also, this makes me wonder how hard it would be to interview Doc Corbin Dart, for some reason.


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