Ep221: Brian Teasley (Man… or Astro-Man?, Servotron)

Protonic Reversal Podcast

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It’s Birdstuff of MOAM? A noted raconteur and very funny man, oh yeah and a hell of a drummer! He runs a venue called the Saturn that “rips off” things he likes from other venues during years of touring. (A million dollar PA system costs a million dollars, and being nice is free).  There is talk of aliases, and being inspired by dislike. Sending out postcards to fans, touring the world playing music that isn’t exactly HARD SURF, while maintaining a longtime pre-social network connection with highly engaged fans. Reminding Joel Hodgson of the words to the MST3K theme song live, usage of samples to differentiate the songs and tune and stuff. Estrus to Touch and Go and getting darker in the process. Also hear about SERVOTRON playing with Dave Pirner. Starcrunch, Birdstuff and Steve Albini sharing a bed heated by TV dinners (oh yeah, and recording with him too) and sooooo much more. IT’S GO TIME!

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Holy crap! @conanneutron interviewing Stu Spasm on @ProtonicPod is fucking great. I used to own Plays the Devils Music on vinyl in the '90s. Just awesome.

Also, this makes me wonder how hard it would be to interview Doc Corbin Dart, for some reason.


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