Ep174: Martin Atkins (PiL, Pigface, Killing Joke)

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Martin Atkins has had an incredible lifetime in and around music, listen in as he and Conan go into great depth on the historic and iconic Flowers of Romance record by Public Image Limited, including performing on American Bandstand (!) and doing everything the most difficult way possible with that group. Working with Killing Joke and non-relatable songwriting, the inception and continuing wild ride of Pigface, borne off of Ministry touring. Reveling in the unexpected and using the chaos as a change agent. Abandonment of ego to create a greater whole.

All of this plus his journey into academia and his excellent (and very funny) general advice for working smart as a band and finding what it is that makes the band special. Some of which can be found in his (FREE!) book: Band Smart: Succeed On the Music Business on Your Own Terms.


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