Ep136: Brainiac (John, Juan, Tyler)

Protonic Reversal Podcast
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  • -Documentaries, keys to the city and being Brainiac in 2019
  • Honoring Tim’s memory
  • revisting material and the perspective of age.
  • Tyler, coming back to playing music and his son “getting” Brainiac.
  • Multigenerational audiences
  • the reunion industrial complex
  • Tim’s dad: “are you going to keep going?”
  • Getting back together for a benefit and reconnecting
  • Familiarty for better or worse.
  • Idiosynchratic music, context and impact
  • Tim Krug (the missing link/understudy)
  • Picking who does what (singing songs, etc.)
  • Subbing for the local legandary hardcore band and destroying the floor in the process.
  • “We’ll Eat Anything.”
  • “oh, that was awful” “That was the best show ever!”
  • Being claimed as an influence and embracing doing something different than what others do.
  • Hostile or baffled audiences?
  • the band playoffs (and WINNING it)
  • The Brainiac – internationale ep with Kim Deal
  • When John joined the band, Bonsai Superstar, etc. 
  • Brainiac as the all boys Brady Bunch.
  • Hissing Prigs
  • Tyler gets new drums, and how they shaped the sound of that record.
  • Recording “nothing ever changes”Recording Electro Shock for President, distortions and learning how to record (usually the wrong way)and bringing that hodge podge to Jim O’Rourke
  • Keyboards, samplers, etc. and bringing that out live.
  • Playing “New/unreleased songs” for the reunion show, songs that might have been on the next (major label?) record.
  • Being a “weird” band and infiltrating mass cultureB
  • Brainiac covers and legacy, overall take on things, and the rights to the back catalog.

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Holy crap! @conanneutron interviewing Stu Spasm on @ProtonicPod is fucking great. I used to own Plays the Devils Music on vinyl in the '90s. Just awesome.

Also, this makes me wonder how hard it would be to interview Doc Corbin Dart, for some reason.


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