Ep129: Craig Wedren (Shudder to Think)

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Hey hey hey! This episode of Protonic Reversal features a talk with the mighty Craig Wedren of Shudder to Think, we talk to Craig about:

-Hacking the Polaroid Spectra.
-My 90s (new book and photo show)
-Analog vs. Digital in very specific incidents.
-Making unique videos, such as the X-French T-shirt one
-The label that picked Hit Liquor to start the album???
-All Hits on Planet Shudder
-Daisy Chainsaw!
-Improvising a vocal chorale.
-Putting your best glam foot forward on the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack.
-Higher and Higher.
-How to bring the various quadrangs of your art to the others.
-Group songs in a solo context.
-Bassassery or Bad-assy
and lots, lots more!

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Holy crap! @conanneutron interviewing Stu Spasm on @ProtonicPod is fucking great. I used to own Plays the Devils Music on vinyl in the '90s. Just awesome.

Also, this makes me wonder how hard it would be to interview Doc Corbin Dart, for some reason.


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Protonic is not a "youtube show", but it is a show on youtube (as well as other platforms) as of a year and a half ago. The amount of subscribers has increased
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