Ep111: Dave Catching (Rancho De La Luna, Earthlings?, Eagles of Death Metal, Desert Sessions, Queens of the Stone Age)

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Dave Catching – Rancho De La Luna

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Once again, it’s time for the Percolator, and Protonic Reversal! Actually, it’s always time for the Percolator, but never mind. This week, Conan and Josh got on the ol’ phone once or twice with Rancho De La Luna’s Dave Catching! The fun, wide-ranging conversation was about, amongst other things:

-the Joshua Tree scene/weather report
-Rancho and busy times
-Desert Sessions
-the Rancho recording experience
-Poppy and Harriet’s
-the Splattering of the Tribes
-Yawning Man
-No Trespassing. Seriously.
-Any band can make great music
-Arctic Monkeys and Mark Lanegan
-the Fun Machine
-More organs than seats
-Being lucky enough to enjoy playing shows and not losing money
-Eagles of Death Metal: Always on tour
-Finding a Flying V in a closet
-Paris and Le Bataclan
-U2 doing some really cool shit
-Touring post-attack
-New Orleans
-Seven songs in 25 years
-Recording Iggy
-Working a relaxed schedule

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