Ep053: Russell Hall / Jonathan Brown (Tyranny is Tyranny)

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Tyranny Is Tyranny - Episode 53

Protonic Reversal

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The Madison radical political heavy rockers speak to Conan and Brenna about all things political and not-political. Beards, being “down for the program” of a political post-punk heavy band, austere and sobering cover art, identity in punk rock. Gang of Four, found t-shirts and SO MUCH MORE!

Episode 53

8:00am: Casually Intense (Opening theme) by Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends from the Enemy of Everyone


8:07am:  Through the Holes in the Floor by the rutabega from Brother the Lights Don”t Work
8:15am: Cropsies by Like Like The The The Death from Cave Jenny
8:17am: Your Weakness Gives Me Life by Le Butcherettes from Cry Is for the Flies
8:22am: Funk #49 by James Gang

8:28am: Perennials by B. Hamilton from Fight Everything

8:31am: Or Does It Explode? by Tyranny is Tyranny from The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
9:48am: Kabuki Snuff Theater by Tyranny is Tyranny from The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
9:52am: The End of Radio (closing theme) by Shellac from Excellent italian Greyhound

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