Protonic Reversal Ep037: Dixie Jacobs & DJ Hostettler (Body Futures)

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1/2 of Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Body Futures arrive in the Radio Valencia studios to talk about cross continental train travel and hypothetical sleeper car searches, high concept Boson Higgs records, skateboards powered by an app, Bone Wars(tm), and Back to the Future, and exactly why it is so hard for Conan to spell the word “Silhouette“. It’s a do not miss cavalcade of laughs and fun.

8:00am Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme) by Tilts from Tilts
8:04am Hospitalia! by New China from Bar and Grill
8:08am: Is the Skeleton A Weapon? by Body Futures from Brand New Silhouettes
8:11am: I Learned to Roll by Minutes from Roland

8:17am: Save The Clock Tower by Body Futures from Brand New Silhouettes

8:35am: Burn the Scab by Le Butcherettes from Cry is For the Flies
8:37am: Cropsies by Like Like The The The Death from Cave Jenny

9:06am: That’s So Church by Body Futures from Brand New Silhouettes

9:09am: Continuous Symmetries by Ifihadahifi from Songs From Sexy Results: Cedar Block’s Dig for the Higgs and How the Quest Was Won

9:27am: When You Had a Jaw by Body Futures from Brand New Silhouettes

9:52am: The End Of Radio (closing theme), by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound

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Ep307: Guy Picciotto (fugazi) via @ProtonicPod #podcast #protonicreversal

Ep307: Guy Picciotto (fugazi) #podcast #protonicreversal #fugazi #guypicciotto

Ep305: Chat Pile via @ProtonicPod #protonicreversal #podcast @ChatPileBand #chatpile

Ep304: Scott Picco (Almanac Man, Bear Claw, Rented Rooms) #protonicreversal #podcast #almanacman #bearclaw @tgicrecs

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