Ep035: John Congleton (Producer, the pAperchAse)

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Happy New Year! From Protonic reversal. Neutron and Brenna drag their bedraggled persons into the studio to talk to Mr. John Congleton. Legendary producer and the pAperchAse/Nighty Night Impressario. There is much talk of St. Vincent and Grammys, Explosions in the Sky, Swans, John Darnielle, production process, art by democracy, and such. As well as why there is no pt.2 to Someday This Will All Be Yours. Also a hilariously loopy first hour. Yoga dude yells at Brenna with cartoons smell waves of piousness, awake at the Wicking hour. “That’s gross”, Terry Malts mash pits, etc.

Come on! he’s super interesting, we’re hilariously out of it… it’s a winner all around.

8:00am Ozark Bowtie (Opening Theme) by Tilts from Tilts
8:12am: New Year by Breeders from Last Splash
8:13am: Now We Can See by The Thermals from Now We Can See

8:29am: Wait Until I Get My Hands On You by the pAperchAse from Now You Are One Of Us
8:40am: The Common Cold (The Epidemic) by the pAperchAse from Someday This Could All Be Yours
8:43am: The Laying Of Hands the Speaking in Tongues (The Mass Hysteria) by the pAperchAse from Someday This Could All Be Yours

8:55am: You’re One of Them Aren’t You? by the pAperchAse from Now You Are One Of Us
8:57am: Birth In Reverse by St. Vincent from St. Vincent

Interview with Mr. John Congleton

9:59am: The End of Radio by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound

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