Ep034: Matt Gentling (Archers of Loaf)

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Stealing Weezer’s sandwiches, rocking with one act plays, and “y’know…” Matt Gentling, the raucous bassplayer of the Archers of Loaf dishes it all. Listen in to him shoot the breeze about working the poles (not what you think!) and what it was like to reconvene Team Loaf after all of those years. “the Archers of Loaf-Cross”. All of this and the greatest tunes of all time!

8:10am: Ozark Bowtie, by Tilts from Tilts (Opening Theme)
8:18am Hydronauts by Nonagon from The Last Hydonaut

8:29am: Notes from the Road by Truxton from We Lost Our Way
8:30am: Fabricoh by Archers of Loaf from Vee Vee
8:34am: Assassination on Xmas Eve by Archers of Loaf from All The Nations Airports
8:37am: Web In Front by Archers of Loaf from Icky Mettle

8:47am: Dead Red Eyes by Archers of Loaf from White Trash Heroes
8:52am: Harnessed in Slums by Archers of Loaf from Vee Vee

Interview with Matt Gentling of Archers of Loaf

9:39am: Toast by Archers of Loaf from Icky Mettle
9:42am: Nostalgia by Archers of Loaf from Vee Vee

9:55am: End of Radio (Closing Theme) by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound

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