Ep025: Conan plays a bunch of music.

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For Protonic Reversal’s SILVER anniversary we observe it by, well… just playing a bunch of music really. Do you like music? Ok! you might like this episode then.

Ozark Bowtie by Tilts from Tilts

Dude Incredible by Shellac from Dude Incredible

8:15am: Birth In Reverse by St. Vincent from St. Vincent

8:18am: Letting Go by Torche from Harmonicraft

8:21am: Postal Blowfish by Torche from Harmonicraft

8:33am: Pig Fed Peg by Glose from The Very Best of Glose

8:34am: Honeydrizzle by Motherfucker from Tae Kwon Do

8:42am: You’re All Talk by Cheap Trick from In Color

8:47am: Laura and Marty by Screaming Females from Castle Talk

8:52am: I Saw You Shine by Flipper from Generic Flipper

8:59am: A History of Bad Men by Melvins from (a) Senile Animal

9:11am: Song 33 by Austerity Program from Beyond Calculation

9:18am: Until the Horror Goes by The Nighty Night from Demo

9:21am: Little Pieces by Hurry Up Shotgun from Hurry up Shotgun

9:24am: Smokestack by Kid Dakota from So Pretty

9:37am: Your Hair by Porch from Porch

9:40am: Reoccurring Kind by Poison Control Center from Stranger Ballet

9:48am: Old Lake by The Blind Shake from Breakfast of Failures

9:51am: I Have Literally Been in 1000 Fights by Minutes from Dirty Work ep

9:53am: The End of Radio (closing theme) by Shellac from Excellent Italian Greyhound

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